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Osborn's Sport Shop

8929 Chippewa Highway

Bear Lake, MI. 49614


or email us at 

   Osborn's Firecracker string loop is pre-made, pre-stretched, and offers a brightly colored serving. Its great for low-light conditions like inside a blind or those the last few minutes of prime hunting. Anyone can appreciate this high visibility. Our loops are in a variety of colors including- Red(original), Blue, Red/Blue, Chartreuse, Yellow, Blaze Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, Pearl, Neon Green, Tactical Black, or the Patriot(red, white, and blue)

   BCY Serving is some of the best known archery string makers on the market. That paired with our patent pending stretching, string tying techniques adds durability and stiffness. The loop retains a wide open shape with no droop. It can be easily installed in less than 1 minute. With no need for metal nocks to hold its position. It cinches into the bow string over the course of shooting. Which makes for adjusting your peep easy. As in some cases the peep is installed backwards. Then having to to re-cut and re-burn the loop next to your new string increases chances of fraying among other problems. Our Firecracker String Loop reduces these errors. We install all our loops using a classic Lark's Head Knot as shown in the picture. 

    We consider string loops part of the high performance equipment. Which can also adds a customized and finished look. Hunting and target shooters both can benefit from a loop that holds its consistent shape for thousands of shots. Our string loop is known for outlasting the life of two bowstrings. On many occasions in our shop we re-install their current loop. As life moves on, customers prefer a new loop to match the colors of their current setup, and/or new strings. We hope you try one out and forever have your archery game improved by something so simple. 

   We can proudly say we're in three Whole Sale Catalogs, and one internationally based in Sweden. At Osborn's Sport Shop we charge $10.00 with installation. There is wholesale pricing available upon request by simply giving us a call or sending an email. 

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