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    In our Fishing Department, we have a good selection of seasonal fishing supplies. Our shop has six minnow tanks, and one bait cooler that houses our live bait. We'll stock the best we can; all depending on our seasonal availability. Call the shop to know our selection week by week.

Come see our custom fishing pole rack. It holds trout, steelhead, crappie and perch rods from 6' to 14'; along with some fly rods and with reels for all. Our custom trout fly display case has 1152 individual compartments. Holding in the spaces are hoppers, streamers, egg sucking leeches, mice and various dry/wet flies that are all hand made.

    Two dams with dozens and dozens of lakes/ streams that're within 25 miles of here. Lake Michigan is less then five miles as the crow flies. Nine local pier heads off of Lake Michigan to fish. All of which are less then a 35 minute drive from the sport shop.

Shiner Minnows: One Dozen $2.50

Blue Shiner Minnows: One Dozen $5.00

Packaged Salted Shiner Minnows: $2.49 about Two Dozen

Creek Chubs: 


Wax Worms: Three Dozen $2.49 or 250 Count Tub for $13.40

White Spikes

Wigglers: One Dozen $2.00 or 100 for $10.00

Pre-Tied Spawn Eggs (non-floating): One Dozen $3.70

Pre-Tied Spawn Eggs (floating): One Dozen $4.00


- Local Fishing Report -

Call for a current fishing report: (231) 889-3775 


Manistee, Onekama, Arcadia, Frankfort Pier:

Lake Michigan: 

Portage Lake: 

Bear Lake: 

Bear Creek: Steelhead, Browntrout, Rainbow Trout

Manistee Lake: 

Manistee River: 

Crystal Lake: 

Betsie River: 

Arcadia Lake: 

Lemon Lake and Glovers lake: 

Chief Lake: 

Healy Lake: 

Little Long Lake: N/A

Duck Lake: N/A

Platte and Little Plate lake: N/A

Platte River: 

Green Lake: N/A

Wellston Lakes: 

Big and Little Glen: 

How to filet- Pike

How to filet- Bourbet

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