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Osborn's Sport Shop is Owned and Operated by

  • Dan and Twyla Osborn

  • with help from their 3 sons. Nicholas, Lance, and Clinton Osborn.

   Osborn's Sport Shop

8929 Chippewa Hwy

Bear Lake MI 49614


Open 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Mon-Fri.

8:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday

8:00am to 2:00pm Sunday

We can be contacted by phone during normal business hours at

(231) 889-3775

Please feel free to email us at:


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Here's the latest limit of perch off of Portage Lake.

One of Bear Creeks best fishing holes.

Perch Shiner Minnows:

Blue Shiner Minnows:

Sucker Minnows:

Wax Worms:

White Spikes:

Red Spikes:

Rainbow Spikes (Red, White, Blue):

Mixed Assortment (Wax Worms, Red/ White Spikes):


Pre-tied Spawn Eggs (non-floating):

One Dozen $2.50

Two Dozen $5.00 or $.50 Each

One Dozen $10.00 or $.90 Each

One Dozen $12.00 or $1.00- $3.00Each

Three Dozen $2.49 or 250 for $12.95

10 for $1.50 or $11.50 for 100

One Dozen $1.25 or $8.00 for 100

One Dozen $2.89

If you need bulk bait for any reason, please let us know in advance. So we can have the inventory you need for whatever trip you have planned. We are always proud to give the best minnow counts around.

Rental Equipment -

a signed waiver and credit card are required 

We're always proud to give the best minnow counts around.


- Local Fishing Report -

Call Dan for a current fishing report: (231) 889-3775


Lake Michigan: - Surf Fish for browns maybe a coho or any type that is there.

Portage Lake:  . SEE IN STORE MAP.


Portage Lake Info: 2,100 acres, has deep water access to Lake Michigan 10'-15' and has excellent sailing. It is located off M-22 in Onekama. Two miles off U.S. 31. There is fishing for pan fish, crappies (excellent for Perch all year round), Northern Pike, Walleye, Small mouth/ Large mouth Bass, fall run of Salmon, late summer Coho, Brown Trout/ Steelhead in fall and spring time. There's dozens of small streams and brooks around it, some can be fished. There's much weed killer put into the lake to combat fertilizer enrichment from Septic Tanks, in which damaged natural vegetation and aquatic life, and our fisheries..


Bear Lake: - SEE IN STORE MAP.


Bear Lake Info: 1,744 acres, great for sailing, boating, fishing and swimming. Located on U.S. 31 in Bear Lake. Fish for Pan fish, Walleye, Northern Pike, Small mouth and Large mouth Bass. With one small stream running out of it on the east side.(The Little Bear Creek). It was one of the top ten walleye lakes in MI. Needs fix-in.

Bear Creek: - (Need to plant some fish in there)! 


Manistee Lake: - Get the fishing boats out this weekend.


Manistee River: - Catching Steelhead with bobber and spawn bags. warming up fast. 


Manistee Piers:  Great fishing, look out for the wind.

Tippy Dam Back Water: 


Crystal Lake: 


Betsie River: 

Google Map


 Arcadia Lake, Glovers Lake, Lemon, Healy Lake, Chief Lake.


Arcadia Lake: .


Lemon Lake and Glovers lake:


Chief Lake: 


Healy Lake: 


Long Lake:


Duck Lake:


Platte lake:


Little Platte Lake:


Green Lake:


Platte River: PLANT MORE FISH!!!


Wellston Lakes:


Big and Little Glen:    

How to filet- Pike

How to filet- Burbot

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