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  Shiner minnows             1/doz.  $2.50   

  Blues                           1/doz.   $5.00  

  Golden Shiner                1/doz.  $10.00

  Suckers                        1/doz.  $10.00  

  Wiggler                        1/doz. $1.25 - 100 $8.00 

  Wax worm                    3/doz. $2.49 

  Wax worm                    250- $11.00                                                          Red Spikes                    3 Doz. $1.99 

  Whites Spikes                3 Doz. $1.89

  Rainbow Spikes              3 Doz. $1.99

  Mousies                        2 Doz. $2.49

Call Dan for a fishing report:  231-889-3775 

Equipment Rental:
Ice Fishing Shantys
Shappell FX150 Flip Over 2 man -                     $20.00 All Day
Shappell Wide House 4500 - 2 man Pop Up        $20.00 All Day
Ion Electric Ice Auger                                     $35.00 All Day
Gas Powered Ice Auger                                   $25.00 All Day
Hand Ice Auger                                             $5.00  All Day
Hand Ice Spud                                              $5.00  All Day
Pike Spear                                                   $5.00  All Day
Sled, Bucket, & 2 combo poles                         $5.00  All Day
Propane Heaters- does not include propane
Big Buddy                                                    $10.00  All Day
Little Buddy                                                 $5.00   All Day




              Fishing Report 


Portage Lake: 16 JAN. 2020- The lake froze over on Saturday Jan 11th. So the ice is not safe just yet. We are hoping for some cold nights to add to the thickness. This maybe on some parts, stop in and get bait and a map. 

Portage Lake 2,100 acres, has deep water access to Lake Michigan 10'-15' and has excellent sailing. It is located off M-22 in Onekama. Two miles off U.S. 31. There is fishing for Pan Fish, crappies (excellent for Perch All year round), Northern Pike, Walleye, Small mouth and Large mouth Bass, fall run of Salmon, late summer coho, Brown Trout and Steelhead in fall and spring into the  doz.'s small  streams or brooks around it, some can be fished.

Bear Lake :16 JAN. 2020-Walleyes, Pike, and that about it. SAFE ICE, 5-7. 

Bear Lake is about 1,744 acres, sailing and boating, fishing and swimming. Located on U.S. 31 in Bear Lake. Fish for Pan Fish, Walleye, Northern Pike, Small mouth and Large mouth Bass. With one small steam running out of it on the east side.(The Little Bear Creek). SUWK  It was one of the top ten walleye lakes in MI. Needs fix in. 

Bear Creek: 16 JAN. 2020- Need to plant some fish in there!   Oh thats right, the only thing they put in there is lampricide.


Manistee Lake: 16 JAN. 2020- Trying to make ice. 

Manistee River: 16 JAN. 2020- Some Walleyes, Brown, and rainbow. Good place to fish when it warm above freezing. My salted minnows with crayfish oil works great. Some nice steelhead also.        

                                                                                                  Manistee Piers: 16 JAN. 2020-Steelhead. 

                                                                                                  Tippy Dam back water: 16 JAN. 2020- Making ice.


Crystal Lake: 16 JAN. 2020- Open from one end to the other.

Betsie River: 16 JAN. 2020- None

Google Map

16 JAN. 2020 -Arcadia Lake, Glovers Lake, Lemon, Healy Lake, Chief Lake. They all have ice. Check ice as you go!

Arcadia Lake: The water is up like in 1973.     

Lemon Lake and Glovers lake: Great panfish and some pike.

Chief Lake:  Great pan fish, small pike lake. Plus big one eating the small ones. 

8-9 inch of ice..

Healy Lake: Bluegills.

Long Lake: Best walleye lake around. 

Duck Lake: 

Platte lake:The lake is open. 

Little Platte Lake: Look good if you can get on it.   

Green Lake: Some open water. 

Platte River:  

Wellston- Lakes: Good pan fish. SAFE?


Big and Little Glen: Little Glen had ice.    

   In our Fishing Department, we have a good selection of seasonal fishing supplies. With new stuff coming in every week. I have some new smelt rigs! Five colors in size 10 with three hooks on each.  We have new custom glow getter perch jigs which are the hot new items (The Perch love them). 

   Including six minnow tanks/ along with a bait cooler that houses minnow and other live bait selections; seasonally on some live bait. All year around. Cane Poles, Bobber, Hooks, the main stuff.

  Come see my custom fishing pole rack.  Trout, perch rods 6' to 14'.  Trout fly display case, it has 1152 compartments. Getting more all the time.  Lots of nice  flies coming in, hoppers, streamers, egg sucking leeches, and drys flies.

       Two Dams, Dozens of Lakes and Dozens of Streams that's within 25 miles of here. Lake Michigan is less then five miles as the crow flies. Nine pier heads into Lake Michigan to fish off of, all less then a 35 minute drive from here.