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Kayaks for rent.  Only $15.00 a day 
Credit card and drivers License required. You haul them. 




Shiners           1/doz.  $2.00


Goldens          1/doz.  $8.00                                        


Night-crawlers  1/doz. $2.29

Night-crawler   2/doz. $4.29

Night-crawlers  50 pack $9.00

Night-crawlers 100 pack $16.00

Red worms 30# $2.80

Wax Worms  3 /doz. $2.49

Bulk Wax Worms 250/11.00




Variety pack 

Spawn Bags 1/doz. $3.29 with floaters

Spawn Bags 1/doz. $2.89 without floaters

                           Call me for a fishing report.                                                           Thanks Dan


                                                                                            Dan's studies our minnows and fishes in our great state of Michigan.

 In natural waters, the Brook Trout ( State Fish) is probably the only species of game fish which feeds to a large extent on the Dace,s Minnows. Dace is almost exclusively a PLANT EATER. It is extremely hardy and lives well under crowed conditions. Experimental propagation of this minnow in a small pond at the rate of 128,000 fish per acre is feasible to rear. It would be desirable to propagate this species and many others for stocking in our trout waters. Where it has trout. Which is in my opinion is all streams. Streams 30' to 2' feet wide had hundred's - 20 thousand's plus per mile of minnows. Studies have shown. Lets stop literally pouring Hebrides, Pesticides in our streams and our lakes. One Dace Minnow fish can have several hundred eggs. One female has no fewer than 2 distinct spawning periods during one season.

   Some other Michigan minnows are Horn-headed Chub, Creek Chub, Steel-colored shiner, Common Shiner, Golden Shiner, Northern Red-bellied Dace, Blunt-nosed minnow, Fat-headed minnow, Stone-roller minnow. 

   This is of great Economic Importance! Maybe the greatest one for the big lake is the smelt. This one is a big factor.                                                                                   


     Portage Lake 2,100 acres, has deep water access to Lake Michigan 10'-15' and has excellent sailing. It is located off M-22 in Onekama. Tw0 miles off U.S. 31. There is fishing for Pan Fish (excellent for Perch winter and spring), Northern Pike, Walleye, Small mouth and Large mouth Bass, fall run of Salmon, Brown Trout and Steelhead in fall and spring into the  doz.'s streams or brooks around it.

    Portage Lake

  FISHING REPORT: 2 Oct. 2017- Perch are in the the lake and are still going good. Using minnows work the best, look for the boats.  Walleyes off the pier's.  Best fishing in 20 years for the walleyes, that where the baits at (brown trout).  Coho are in the lake.


    Pier Fishing: Walleyes, and big bass both piers.

    Bear Creek

  FISHING REPORT: 2 Oct. 2017 - The salmon run is on, and some fair trout fishing. This warm has made it nice for fisherman. Mid 70`.      

        Bear Lake is about 1,744 acres, sailing and boating, fishing and swimming. Located on U.S. 31 in Bear Lake. Fish for Pan Fish, Walleye, Northern Pike, Small mouth and Large mouth Bass. With one small steam running out of it on the east side.(The Little Bear Creek)

     Bear Lake
    FISHING REPORT: 2 Oct.. 2017- Bluegill, perch and walleyes. Good luck!

Osborn's Lake map

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Manistee River & Lake

   MANISTEE RIVER: 2 Oct. 2017- Drift fishing down the river for those walleyes.  A lot of Salmon are up to the dam. Hundreds at a time.

                                                                                    TIPPY DAM BACK WATERS: 2 Oct. 2017: Bluegill and some rock bass they are good, fishing the south shore line. Look for that dark and dirty water for the catfish's. Some big ass pike in there.                                  

                                                                                            Crystal Lake    

  FISHING REPORT: 2 Oct2017- Perch fishing, there's good number's of fish, with lots of rock bass.   

    BETSIE RIVER: 2 Oct. 2017 - Salmon are making the run, Betsie bay is full of them!!! Fish by the old boat place, limits! Up at the old dam, lot of cars. Orange and black best colors. Still great!!

Google Map

Arcadia Lake, Glovers Lake, Lemon, Healy Lake,Chief Lake.


   FISHING REPORT: 2 Oct. 2017: Panfish season, keeping them ice cold water they taste better!

  Arcadia Lake: Pike and bass out by the other lake.  

  Lemon Lake and Glovers lake : Great pan fishing.

  Chief Lake: Fish right at boat launch for couple bluegill.   

  Healy Lake: It has it all. 

  Duck Lake, Long Lake.

  FISHING REPORT: 17 Sept. 2017: 

  Long Lake: Walleye fishing is Great. Troll till you find them. Then use a leech.

  Duck Lake: Pike. 

  Platte lake: Walleye good, and perch is doing good also. 

  Green Lake: Perch. 

                                                                                     Good luck fishing!!!  

Platte River:  That river is full of them.


For more area lakes check out Buc's Fishing Report


       In our Fishing Department, we have a good selection of fishing supplies. With new stuff coming in every week. I have some new smelt rigs! Five colors in size 10 with three hooks on each and 90- 180 LED lights. We have new custom glow getter perch jigs which are the hot new items (The Perch love them). Including six minnow tanks/ along with a bait cooler that houses minnow and other live bait selections; seasonally all year around.                 

       Come see my custom fishing pole rack and trout fly display case, it has 1152 compartments with over 300+ man hours put into them.                         

       Two Dams, Dozens of Lakes and Dozens of Streams that's within 25 miles of here. Lake Michigan is less then five miles as the crow flies. Seven pier heads into Lake Michigan to fish off of, all less then a 35 minute drive from here